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Test Name:
Candida auris Surveillance
Alternate Name(s): Candida auris culture, yeast
Specimen Requirement: Duo E-swab - Nares and bilateral axilla/groin

1. Swab both nares using the RED swab, swirl in liquid eSwab medium and DISCARD swab.. 2. Holding the WHITE swab firmly rub the patient's bilateral axilla ensuring both sides of the swab are used. Rub swiping back and forth approximately 5 times. Repeat with the other axilla. 3. Using the same swab, rub the left groin over the crease of the skin where the leg meets the body anteriorly. Rub back and forth approximately 5 times. Repeat with the right groin. 4. Place the WHITE SWAB into the transport tube ensuring you do not spill the fluid. 5. Snap off the white swab at the red line and LEAVE swab in tube. 6. Cap tightly. Liquid must remain in tube for lab processing. ONLY WHITE SWAB SHOULD REMAIN IN TUBE.

Indicate if travel outside of Canada in the past 12 months or if contact with the patient with Candida auris.

Turnaround Time: 7 days
Additional Information: First time surveillance or clinical specimen is called to the Infection Control Program.
Store at 2-8ÂșC if delay in transport.
Patients should be screened for C. auris on admission according to the ARO Surveillance and Screening Protocol. Point prevalence or outbreak screening ONLY performed in consultation with IPAC.

Method of Analysis: Chromogenic agar
Test was Last Updated: 12/13/2019
Testing Laboratory: Microbiology
Testing Site: HGH