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LRC Hamilton and HRLMP are committed to providing high quality laboratory results for our clients.
As one of the largest integrated laboratory medicine programs in Canada we strive to produce the right results the first time on every sample we receive.
List Tests By Laboratory
Test Laboratory: Microbiology
Test NameAlternate_Name 
Acinetobacter Surveillance CultureAcinetobacterView
Actinomyces InvestigationActino Culture, Intra-uterine Device, IUDView
Blood Culture - PediatricBlood culture - infant Blood culture - neonatal Blood C&S - pediatricView
Blood Culture - RoutineBlood C&S, Blood Aerobic and Anaerobic, Brucella culture, Typhoid fever, Francisella, anthraxView
Body Fluid - CultureBody Fluids from normally sterile sites (eg. Pericardial, Peritoneal, Pleural fluids) (Except Spinal Fluid and Joint Fluids Aspirate) View
Bone C&SBone for routine culture, Bone fragmentView
Bone Flap Culture View
Bone FragmentBoneView
Bone Marrow C&SBone Marrow CultureView
Bronchial Washing Culture View
Bronchoalveolar Lavage (BAL) RoutineBAL-RUL, BAL-LUL, BAL-LIN, BAL-RML, BAL-LML, BAL-RLL, BAL-LLL, View
Candida auris SurveillanceCandida auris culture, yeastView
Carbapenemase-producing EnterobacteriaceaeCPE, CRE, carbapenem resistantView
Cerebral Spinal Fluid CultureCSF, Vent Drain, Vent Shunt, Shunt, Spinal Fluid (SF), Lumbar, cerebrospinal, bacterial PCRView
Cystic Fibrosis Culture, Sputum View